In web design, a good brand is a navigational tool that helps you to know when you're moving in the right direction with the tone of content, the look of your graphics, and even the flow of your site. If you've got a brand that's properly progressive and adaptive, it can make integrating new technologies into the site even more seamless than it's ever been. Popular car companies are always updating and maintaining their brand for that very reason; these manufacturers are associated with both their classic reputation and their modern need to stay on top of the latest trends in automotive design.

A New Look at Old Brands

With web design, there's a lot of cross over there. Companies online can offer more services and forms of engagement than ever before, with more on the way as mobile internet users become a majority of incoming traffic. That's why brands may need an infusion of fresh ideas. Here are a few ways to keep your brand modern and lively.

  • Responsive branding is an interesting take on rebranding or bringing an older brand back to life. Imagine if you could make a brand that adapts itself to be just as appealing to one demographic as it is to another. That's actually the idea behind a responsive brand, which could be anything from a single line of text, to a silhouette graphic, to a shape that's easy to identify. With a responsive branding philosophy, you want to create something that you can apply across a wide field of colors and themes. Coca Cola's had success with this idea in changing some of their bottle and can labels while retaining their iconic text logo, while others, like Disney, can use their brand as just plain iconography.
  • Minimalism. If you look at some of the brand re-launches that have happened over the past decade, what you will tend to notice is that there is a trend toward reducing the amount of features on the brand, sometimes including the names themselves. Kentucky Fried Chicken, for example, was cut down to KFC. When you're rebranding a site to be along the same lines, you may need to look at what the actual identity strengths of that site's design are. If you're known for certain colors, features, and attitudes, then it can play well into your brand streamlining and upgrade. Keeping on top of what keeps you on top is how you stay there.
  • Relevance is the final key, and it can't be overstated just how important it is to be relevant, not only to the market, but to your site and company. If you're attempting to rebrand for a hipper, younger generation, but your company sells something that is primarily for an older demographic, you could be making a mistake. There's nothing more confusing than a lawn care company that has a more complex and cutting edge design on their site than actual graphic design companies. Brands are about familiarity, after all.